The Vampire Book Club


15th of May 2010

Ok my life has been crazy this month! I have had no time to blog or anything! Soz about that to my 2 followers! I haven't even had time to read or do any book reviews sad I know! I have no txt at this time so I can't even keep up with my mates via Twitter! O well Life goes on!

My work stopped out of the blue with no warning to nobody! So I have been doing day labour! That's hit and miss lately. My mom is driving me fucking nut's. Her welcome into my house is growing very short! I love her but I want her out of my house!

She was helping me with my bills while she was trying to find a place to live! But seems like she is getting a little to comfy at my home! And let's just say it's getting really old really fast! I live in a batchlor unit.

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