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The Taken

by Sarah Pinborogh

This is a Horror story That is so good! I love the whole ghost children evil demon theme to it! Here is the bit from the back of the book to get u interested! lol

She's a beautiful little girl, only ten years old with pretty blond curls. Why then, does she strike such terror into all who see her? Because she died thirty years ago- a horrible, agonizing death in the middle of a raging thunderstorm. Tonight the storm has returned...and so has she.

She has returned from a shadowy realm unseen by the living to exact revenge on those responsible for her death. One by one she will make them pay. There is nowhere to hide, no way to escape. It's only a matter of time before her ghastly vengeance is complete...


15th of May 2010

Ok my life has been crazy this month! I have had no time to blog or anything! Soz about that to my 2 followers! I haven't even had time to read or do any book reviews sad I know! I have no txt at this time so I can't even keep up with my mates via Twitter! O well Life goes on!

My work stopped out of the blue with no warning to nobody! So I have been doing day labour! That's hit and miss lately. My mom is driving me fucking nut's. Her welcome into my house is growing very short! I love her but I want her out of my house!

She was helping me with my bills while she was trying to find a place to live! But seems like she is getting a little to comfy at my home! And let's just say it's getting really old really fast! I live in a batchlor unit.


Book Review 4-30-2010


It must happen all the time. You see a stranger on a plane, on the street, in the library and, for some reason, you're captivated.

This book is all about that process, and the events in individuals' lives that take them to unexpected places. It will leave you wondering how much is reallu due to chance.